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What colours to wear when you decide to Go Grey.

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  1. Tara says:

    Hi, thanks for writing such an informative post. I wanted to let you know about another company that offers online colour analysis. The online aspect allows the company to offer the same services at a fraction of a consultation price and their app is brilliant to use when shopping. Hope this helps 😀

  2. Shirl says:

    I’ve always been able to wear grey. I have cool colouring with high contrast. As o i bought a grey cosy and the colour swallowed me up. It now makes my hair skin and eyes grey! So i need to style it with a navy or red scarf

  3. Di says:

    I’m a cool tone – and definitely cannot wear black or pure white. I can wear charcoal and off-white. Black is aging on me (near my face) and white makes me look ill.

  4. Louise says:

    I’m a cool tone with blue eyes and silver grey hair that was originally a dark brown. I can’t wear any shade of white and look drained in black. I look best in some reds , navy, teals and any darker or rich blues. I can wear purple but not many bright shades. Any jewelled rich colour makes my eyes pop and flatters. Silver jewelry is best. I look worst in yellow , super bright shades and washed out pastel or pale shades. I avoid khaki as it makes my hair look dull.

  5. Alyson Williams says:

    Hello, I’m a little confused! I was a natural redhead with fair skin, freckles, blue eyes, i.e. very Irish looking. Now I am a mix of grays and white (at the temple area). Skin was always on the ruddy side, and a little green powder was mixed into any custom powder blends. Thirty years ago when I had a color consult done for me I was definitely on the warm side. I have always been able to wear blues, greens, and purples (cool tones) as well as some of the more warm colors, except for orange and red. Do I need to get a new color consult? I think I could carry off some red now and I would like to build a basic color palette for clothing using blues and reds.

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