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Has the Granny Hair trend helped women Going Grey?

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  1. Denise says:

    Funny, I am actually scared and excited about letting my hair go gray. It is actually helping me accept that I am getting older. I am 46 and so excited to watch myself morph into age…

    1. Mel says:

      Hi Denise, that is such an amazing attitude towards embracing grey and getting older. Thank you so much for your comment. Mel xx

  2. mary says:

    just stopped dying in April 2017. Just threw out my drawer full of coloring supplies this week!
    Starting to get some weird looks but I don’t care, its so fun to beat the system.
    Thanks for your blog.

    1. Mel says:

      Hi Mary, Congratulations. Don’t worry about the weird looks, they will no doubt in time lead to looks of admiration. It’s such a freeing feeling to make the decision to stope dyeing your hair, even though it is not always an easy one. Thank you for your lovely comment and I am glad you like the blog. It is an absolute pleasure 🙂

  3. Bonne says:

    I am on the fence, so I needed to read this article! I am tall (5’10”) with thick, wavy hair that reaches my behind. I color it myself and have done so for about 40-years (I am 60).
    I wear my hair in either one or two thick braids and I get compliments on my hair all the time. So, it makes it “scary” to think of letting a “sure thing” go. But I am testing the waters; I have not colored my hair in about 1.5 years. My natural hair color is now a salt and pepper (with a fair amount of silver coming in) and only my long braids remain blonde. It would be so liberating to not have to color my hair anymore (which is quite time-consuming). And I certainly would not miss the mess and what it must be doing to my poor scalp! Also, it would be “interesting’ to see the sliver growth pattern come in. Recently, I have seen some stunning models (my profession in my youth) embrace their silver locks. They are beautiful. It also takes confidence to embrace who you are and I like that message. My husband prefers the blonde but is supportive of my decision. The way I see it, “Silver is also a light color like the blonde…it’s just a different shade of light.” I just returned the (3) boxes of hair color I had kept “just in case” …and, I think I am going to do this!!!!

    1. Wow, I think you have made the decision-the first step. Your hair sounds absolutely beautiful and I can imagine it will be even more so when it is completely natural, since it will likely be in great condition. It makes it easier when you have a supportive husband. My husband wasn’t sure when I made the decision but he and my children are now my biggest advocates. Make sure you hook up with me on Instagram if you are on social media as I would love to see your progress and there you will find some invaluable support.

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