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Is Letting Your Hair Go Grey Brave?

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  1. Jen says:

    It’s always nice to see others writing a bit about making the decision to give up the dye job. I haven’t coloured my dark-brown hair since around 2004. I am 53 now and looking forward to having a chic full head of silver-white hair. I have an obvious salt/pepper grey head and often am complimented on it. I wear it around shoulder length which I’ve decided is best as I can pull it back in a big barrette/pony tail, especially helpful when I’m exercising/running and when I want to avoid heat on the hair from hair dryers, straighteners, etc. This question of being ‘brave’ is now interesting to me as it’s been so long without colouring now that my grey is natural and totally me, my look. I just forget about it but am ‘reminded’ when people comment. Some think I’ve had it professionally done, as there are some areas that are more white streaks next to dark-brown, almost black. On the other hand, when I’ve gone to professional salons (as opposed to my regular guy who works from home) for a cut, some hairdressers try to talk me into getting colour – for a ‘boost’! I guess you can say it feels ‘brave’ sometimes, but I kind of get a bit bored with the conversation. Having said that, it’s an important conversation to keep having because it speaks so much about sexism and ageism. Men don’t get all this with their grey hair (although I notice many more seem to be colouring their hair – obvious when light color eyebrows show next to dark heads!). We’ll only know we’ve been able to beat some of this problem when people just accept it as okay and stop worrying about it. There is still some way to go. What I do notice is that this new grey style celebration move, showing older models with grey hair, etc, is also sometimes problematic as the women who’ve cracked it and are celebrated, tend to have younger looking faces/complexions, are slim and of course look the height of fashion – ie., they ‘look’ younger in spite of the grey. What about all the others out there? But this is all about style, I know. Good luck with your greying journey, Mel!

    1. Mel says:

      Hi Jen, Thank you for your comment and sincere apologies for the delay replying. I have actually only just seen the message. Yes, I know what you’re saying about the models with grey hair and younger people. I agree with you and I think that this is why it is important that we see a range of women of all different ages, appearances, cultures and backgrounds, to give the whole community of women who choose to wear their hair natural, someone that they can relate to, particularly as they are coming to terms with their decision. As I go deeper into my transition, I do become more at ease with it and so I can understand for someone like yourself, who has been grey for some time, that it is a conversation that must become tiresome, since you are so self accepting of it. Thanks to women like you, other women will hopefully see that grey hair, if relevant for them, is a choice they can make instead of using dye to cover it if they so choose. Thanks so much again for your interesting comment. I really appreciated reaing it. Mel x

  2. Claire Gartland says:

    Loving your blog… I’m 41, and have decided to transition to my natural grey… I’ve been colouring my hair for 20 years (shortly before my first grey hairs put in an appearance) and I’m excited and anxious in equal measures! I realised I don’t want to still be colouring my hair in my sixties, but also I dont want to miss the stage where my hair is all shades of silver through to white. I’ve been toying with the idea now for a few months, and your blog amongst others has beem encouraging! I must admit I am a little nervous as the Mum of a 10 month old surprise baby (as well as 11 & 9 year olds!)… I gearing myself up to being referred to as baby’s Grandma…!!!!

    1. Mel says:

      Hi Claire, Thank you so much for your comment and I am so pleased that you like the blog. Please don’t be concerned about what others will think of your grey hair. Remember, that these days, people are waling aroun with an array of different colours, two tones ombre shades, purple, bright green as well as the conservative colours. Not to mention that grey is a really popular artificial colour and you may find others envious that you have it naturally. It is a transition and it is not always easy, particularly at the beginning, but once you are in the zone, there will be no stopping you. Check out instagram, because there is a whole community of women on there that are going through the tranisition and I can’t tell you how supportive they all are. So if you haven’t already, then I would suggest that be your next step.x

  3. Katrina Evans says:

    my transition is 7 months old now, and I am grey from roots to about the tops of my ears, the rest (just past shoulder length) is dark brown but getting lighter. This is about the same as yours in your pictures. I have enjoyed the process up to now but beginning to wonder if I have reached a more difficult stage now! I am hoping to get through the whole length without highlighting and still persevering! Thank you for your helpful and inspiring blog.

    1. Hi Katrina, you have done so well to find the first few months easier. I’m sure you won’t find it any harder. Maybe it’s just that you get sick of seeing the two tones and day to day you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere but actually you are making progress it’s just a slow process. Perhaps use this time to wear your hair up more and experiment with new up dos! That way from the front you will look like your hair is aleady Silver. I have been wearing my hair up a lot and only just started wearing it down more now that that the grey is really starting to take over.thanks for reaching out and contact me any time. Mel x

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