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This is What Happened When I Stopped Dyeing my Hair.

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  1. Heidi K. says:

    Thank you for this!
    If you are near San Diego, CA, I can highly recommend Susanne Kende at Me, My Curls and I. She not only is a curly/wavy hair specialist, but also a huge fan of the “Silver Journey.” She herself is a “Curly Girl” (Lorraine Massey trained) AND is undergoing the beautiful Silver Journey herself. This is the person you want for your gorgeous tresses! She has been getting me through it with style! I used to have high and low lights and, of, course, each curl got its own separate loving cut. Now, it’s cuts only for me because the transition has been so smooth.

    1. Hi Heidi,
      I don’t live near you but I’m so pleased you have a good hairdresser. Its so rare to have a specialist with first hand experience of transitioning to grey but also trained in the curly girl method. You are fortunate. Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience as I am sure other readers will benefit from your recommendation, especially if they are in your area. Mel 🙂

  2. Lynn DeSantis says:

    Hello Melinda! I was so encouraged to have found and come across your article about going natural even when that means that your/mine/our hair is changing and going gray. I am totally on the same page with you about “Who says that gray hair means a person is old?”. Who created this stigma of gray hair is not in? When I was in my younger years I was always about being natural. I never colored my hair. I started in my early forties to try doing some highlights. Then one thing led to another I was highlighting and coloring my roots. After about ten years of that and I’ve been doing some self reflection I started thinking why am I coloring my hair? I know it’s not good for me. They are toxic chemicals. So I have decided to give myself to be beautiful as I am. In every season of my life. It’s great to see other women who are in on this movement to change this stigma that I believe our parents/grandparents created. I working on getting my website started but I am looking for some good coaching or consulting on steps to take to get mine going. Better and Better, Lynn

  3. Dawn says:

    I just love your article. It was “right on time” for me, as I was just out looking for someone to chop mine all off …I get so frustrated with the many levels of coloring going on…I am 52 and feeling it!!! I suffer with chronic pain and just need something new. You have helped me to feel ok about just getting a cut….not spending $$ for toxins!

  4. Beverley Smith says:

    Reading your article has only inspired me more to accept my natural colour (grey) I have been going grey since I was 17 (now 43) and like you, dyeing and straightening my hair for years; now I have long hair that just looks so unhealthy. To embrace and begin my ‘silver journey’ I have decided to ‘brave the shave’ I am so looking forward to what this will bring. You’re an inspiration!

    1. Thank you Beverley. Please consider sharing your journey on Instagram. My username is @silverstylelife. On the platform you will find encouragement and support.

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